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Vacuum Brazing Furnace
Vacuum Brazing Furnace
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Vacuum brazing furnace is principally adopted in Al brazing, Cu brazing and stainless-steel brazing of aerospace devices, vehicle components, electronic communicating devices, home appliances, heat exchanger and various heat radiators.
1. Single chamber, interior heating, cool wall, vertical and horizontal layout are all available with compacted structure. Customers avail from various choices to fit their specific application needs.
2. Heating chamber of this vacuum brazing furnace is fitted with temperature control deployed in several zones. Hence, outstanding heat uniformity is aggressively guaranteed.
3. Well-conceived thermal insulation shield is available in this vacuum brazing furnace, whereby promoting heat efficiency.
4. Vacuum system of this vacuum brazing furnace comes with specialized condensation filter to eliminate pollution that brazing flux vapor brings to vacuum pump.
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