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LED fog machine
LED fog machine
FirmaGuangzhou eway stage equipment technology co., itd
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1/with 9(3R+3G+3B)3W lights which can creat colorful smoke effect.
2/manual emit button can be used once losing controller.
3/with W-5 wireless controller that farther coverage distance,
4/it supports DMX-512 function, can connect console, operate conveniently.
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1/with 21B(7R+7G+7) 3W LED lights that can creat colorful smoke effect 2/with W-5 wireless controll
1/with 3W LED lights that can creat colorful smoke effect. 2/manual spraying button can be used onc
It can fully relieve and glamorize the light effect. It adopts internal fan to scatter even and thin
1/even haze effect 2/without burnt smell 3/low noise and environmental 4/superior technics 5/ult
It is suitable for small pub to use no matter hanging on or laying on the ground. It's easy to carry
1/ The patent of long-life heating system 2/Adopting the new-jammed heater technology 3/ultra-fast
1/ The patent of long-life heating system 2/Adopting the new-jammed heater technology 3/ultra-fast
It is firm and easy to carry, adopting the new heating system which enable the haze can be mixed wit
This is a large output of smoke fog machine which can quickly produce a large amount of thin smoke i
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